Summer HOPE Lottery Scholarship Information

Summer Semester Requirements

If you are enrolling in at least 6 hours, required for your degree, during the Summer semester, you can receive the HOPE Scholarship. Once you have registered for courses, if you are eligible, the HOPE Scholarship will automatically apply to your account, there is nothing you need to fill out. The Scholarship Office will start posting the HOPE Scholarship to student accounts once Spring 2024 grades become official. Please refer to the chart below for the amount you will be eligible to receive:

Hours Enrolled HOPE
0-5 Not Eligible Not Eligible Not Eligible Not Eligible
6-8 $1125 $1425 $375 $250
9-11 $1688 $2137 $562 $375
12 and above $2250 $2850 $750 $500


Additional Criteria and Requirements

  • Summer is an optional semester, but if you attend, all rules of the HOPE Scholarship will apply to the Summer semester.
  • To receive the HOPE Scholarship for Summer 2024, you must register for all courses by June 10th, including 1st, 2nd and full session courses. The HOPE Scholarship will not apply to any classes registered for after June 10th.
  • Any change in enrollment status will result in a loss of the HOPE Scholarship, for all future semesters. This applies if you drop a course or if the course is canceled. Please contact the Scholarship Office if you have a change of enrollment for Summer.
  • The HOPE Scholarship will only pay towards courses required for your degree program.
  • The HOPE Scholarship will not post towards your Summer fees until Spring 2024 grades become official.
  • If you are attending another TN eligible post-secondary institution during the summer, and want to receive the HOPE Scholarship, all forms listed below must be completed in full by June 10, 2024.
    • Transfer Credit Request Form
    • Consortium Agreement
    • Letter or email from your advisor stating the classes you are taking are required for your degree program.
  • If you are planning on taking Summer 2024 courses at another school, but are NOT requesting the HOPE Scholarship, you still need to turn in a copy of your Transfer Credit Request form to the Scholarship Office.