Submitting a Scholarship Check

Did you receive a scholarship from an entity outside of the University of Memphis (UofM)? Congratulations!  Please follow these steps to have the scholarship credited to your account.

 Was the check sent to you by the scholarship donor?

  • Make sure that the scholarship check has your name and your UofM U ID number listed on the Memo at the bottom of the check OR in any attached information that may accompany the check. If you go by a nickname or your middle name, be sure to provide your legal name.  
  • Check to see whether the check is written just to the UofM, or to both the UofM and you. If your name is included in the “Pay to the Order of” line, you will need to endorse the check by signing the back of it.
  •  Make a copy of your award letter or any information included with the scholarship check (such as a check stub). We will need a copy of this information, but you should also keep a copy for your records. 
  • Mail the scholarship check and any accompanying paperwork or information to the UofM address below to be applied to your account. Be sure to use the correct address; sending the check to the wrong UofM department will result in delays of a few days or more!

The University of Memphis
P.O. Box 1000, Dept. 313
Memphis, TN 38148-0313

If you plan to deliver a scholarship letter or check in person, the University & Student Business Services Office is located in 115 Wilder Tower.

What happens next?

If you don’t see the scholarship applied to your UofM account as quickly as you expect, please check with the donor to determine when the check was mailed. Allow at least two weeks from this date for the check to arrive and be processed.
We will generally apply the scholarship to your account within three to five business days. We may experience delays due to issues including, but not limited to, missing signatures and other aid adjustments.
We will divide the scholarship into two equal portions for fall and spring, unless the scholarship donor provides alternate instructions in an accompanying letter.
We will update to your financial aid awards to reflect receipt of the Outside Scholarship Money so that you can see the scholarship has been applied. You can view this by following these steps:

  • Log into your myMemphis portal
  • Click on the Account$ tab
  • Click on Financial Aid Awards
  • Select the applicable aid year
  • View the award

Will the check be sent directly to the UofM by the scholarship donor?

Please ask the scholarship donor to visit our website memphis.edu/scholarships, or print the information on the page and provide it to the donor.
Questions? Please contact us!