Summer 3 + 3 Scholarship

The University of Memphis is proud to announce we have expanded the 3+3 Scholarship for Summer 2020. All eligible Freshmen and Sophomores who take at least three eligible credit hours during summer 2020 will be provided a scholarship to cover the tuition (university service fees excluded) for up to three credit hours of the second enrolled course. PLEASE NOTE: TN eCampus (formerly RODP) courses are excluded from the free offer.

This initiative helps students stay on the pathway toward a four-year graduation. Eligible students will be invited to participate through their campus email soon. These students will have the Summer 3+3 Scholarship posted directly on their myMemphis account, so all they must do is register for the summer. The scholarships will automatically apply to the second course registration.

For more information, or to register for classes using the Summer 3+3 Scholarship:

Summer 3+3 Scholarship Eligibility, Rules and Regulations

Register for Summer Classes to use the 3+3 Scholarship