Summer 3 + 3 Scholarship

In our continued efforts to support our students’ progression to degree completion during these difficult times, the UofM is once again offering direct financial support to students through several initiatives for Summer 2021. This initiative helps students stay on the pathway toward a four-year graduation.  Below is a summary of the various initiatives:

  • Direct grants/refunds to all students enrolled in summer online courses for the amount of the online fees they would have been charged. The $50 per student credit hour translates up to $150 per three credit hours, or up to $300 per six credit hours or two classes.
  • Continuation of our 3+3 program for all Freshmen and certain eligible Sophomores. Under this program, we will provide a direct grant to cover the tuition cost of the second 3 credit hour class taken by eligible students. The direct financial support will be calculated based on your residency status for the assessed tuition and applied as a credit/refund on your account.
    • Eligible students will be invited to participate through their campus email soon. These students will have the Summer 3+3 Scholarship posted directly on their myMemphis account, so all they must do is register for the summer. The scholarships will automatically apply to the second course registration.
  • Sophomores not eligible for the 3+3 program will be provided a $500 grant toward their second 3 credit course. The funds will be credited as a refund on the students account. This grant will be on top of the credit/refund of online fees and translates into a total grant amount or refund of $800 for six credit hours.
  • For our upper class student populations (juniors and seniors), we are offering a $500 grant to assist with their costs when enrolled for two classes (six credits or more) in the summer 2021 semester. The additional direct grant will be on top of the grant that students will receive to cover the online course fees. For a student taking two classes, or six credit hours, this will result in a total grant amount or refund of $800.

PLEASE NOTE: TN eCampus (formerly RODP) courses are excluded from the free offer.

For more information, or to register for classes using the Summer 3+3 Scholarship:

Summer 3+3 Scholarship Eligibility, Rules and Regulations

Register for Summer Classes to use the 3+3 Scholarship