The Reality of HOPE

The following is important information regarding regaining your HOPE Lottery Scholarship eligibility.

HOPE Repeat Option

The Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) HOPE Policies and Procedures allows for a student to "repeat one course and utilize the higher of the two grades in the calculation of their HOPE GPA." according to rule 1640-1-19-.12-.14. This is a one-time only option AND you must notify the Scholarship Office of your request to use this option by submitting a HOPE Course Repeat Option Form.

The following rules apply to the repeat option:

  • If a student lost the HOPE due to a low grade point average at the 24,48,72,96,120 hours attempted check point, but had retaken a course within that bracket (prior to reaching the checkpoint), the student may replace the prior course grade in order to possibly become eligible for HOPE.
  • If a student chooses one course that they retake after the check point (for example, you are replacing a grade from Spring 2005 with a course you are retaking in Fall 2005 and you reach a check point after Spring 2005) then you may not regain the HOPE until you reach the next check point and meet all other eligibility requirements.

Hope Regain Option

The Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (TSAC) HOPE Policies and Procedures allows for a student to use a one-time only Regain Option to regain eligibility for the HOPE Lottery Scholarship. If you lose the scholarship due to GPA, but meet the GPA requirement at a future bracket (24, 48, 72, 96, 120), and continue to meet all other continuing eligibility criteria for each semester, you must notify the Scholarship Office of my request to use the Regain option.

NOTE* - Your TELS (HOPE Lottery Scholarship) GPA and attempted hours may differ from your institutional GPA and attempted hours, due to the following:

  • Credits gained through dual-enrollment, AP credit, or other test credits do NOT count in your TELS GPA.
  • All classes taken after high school graduation count in your TELS GPA, including repeated classes which the institution may exclude from your institutional GPA.
  • Your TELS GPA will be based on the academic standards established by the University of Memphis.
  • Be sure to check your TELS GPA and attempted hours frequently to determine your progress.

Please go to www.TN.gov/CollegePays for all of the HOPE Scholarship rules or contact the Scholarship Office at 901-678-3213 for questions.