Summer 3 + 3 Scholarship Eligibility Rules and Regulations


To be eligible, students must have:

• Enrolled as a Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior during Spring 2021/Summer 2021 in Good Academic Standing.

The University of Memphis has already identified the population of students who qualify to receive this scholarship, and the University will post these scholarships directly to the myMemphis accounts of all the eligible students after May 6, 2021.


To participate:

• Students must register for a minimum of two (2) courses.

    •  Students cannot apply the 3+3 Scholarship to TN eCampus (formerly RODP) online courses.
    •  Students are responsible for tuition and fees for the first course registration.
      • Students must register for at least one summer course, worth three (3) or more credit hours, in order for the scholarship to apply toward the second course registration.

• The Summer 3+3 Scholarship will cover the tuition (regardless of residency status) for the second course for which a student registers, up to a maximum of 3 credit hours.

  • Only tuition is covered by the scholarship. Student fees (e.g., university service fees, course fees, online fees, etc.) are not covered by the scholarship.
  • The second course must be valued at 3 credit hours.
  • If the second course is less than 3 credit hours, a student can take an additional course, or courses, to reach the 3 credit hour total accommodated by the award.
  • Students have all summer parts of term to meet these course requirements.
    • Students are encouraged to register for their two (2) courses before the summer term begins, so that there is time to get the scholarship properly applied to their records.

Additional considerations:

  • Dropping a course after the start of the summer part of term in which the course is offered may impact the overall availability of the scholarship. Before adjusting their schedules after the start of the part of term for any of the courses involved, students should contact the Scholarships Office to determine if the change might affect their scholarship.
  • If students must drop or withdraw from the “scholarship” course after the start of the part of term, the scholarship covers the tuition for that course.

Students should now:

  • Talk to academic advisor to coordinate summer and fall registration
  • Login to the myMemphis portal to check their Summer 3+3 Scholarship eligibility after May 6, 2021.