What We Do

SPU is responsible for the routine management of almost 6 million square feet of space with a total replacement value of over half a billion dollars. This includes the annual review and detail analysis of the Physical Facilities Inventory (PFI) and reporting of data to the University.

Routine Work:

  1.  Physical Facilities Database Management

  • Annual TBR / PFI Report
  • Maintenance of physical facilities data
  • Assignment of new buildings and unoccupied space
  • Ad hoc reporting as requested for University departments

  2.  Space Inventory Management

  • Comprehensive space planning and utilization
  • Analysis of future space requirements
  • Projection of departmental space needs based on current trends
  • Analysis of space gained due to commission of new buildings
  • Analysis of space lost due to demolition of old buildings

   3.  Develop and maintain current Facilities Management Drawings for all University
        physical facilities

  • Update Facility Management Drawings to reflect additions and renovation to spaces
  • Represent and maintain the tenancy spaces on drawings
  • Represent and maintain the PFI data on floor plans per department FRS account