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How to Register For STEM events?

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Career Fair Tips

PROFESSIONAL ATTIRE REQUIRED for all Career Fair Events!  See Examples

You only get one opportunity to make a good first impression, and the clothes you wear are part of that first impression, so dress to impress! When in doubt, KEEP IT SIMPLE. There will be plenty of time to display your personal style AFTER you get the job! See the suggestions below.

For Men 

  • Two-piece suit:  dress pants and blazer in conservative colors (black, dark gray, navy)
  • White or solid color dress shirt (clean and pressed)
  • Conservative tie, belt and socks
  • Clean and polished leather shoes
  • Clean-shaven or trimmed beard/mustache
  • Clean and trimmed fingernails
  • Remove earrings/body piercings, cover tattoos and avoid cologne

For Women

  • Two-piece suit: dress pants and blazer in conservative colors (black, dark gray, navy) - avoid short skirts and dressy shorts
  • White or solid color shirt, blouse or shell
  • Clean, polished, black leather pumps (low to mid-heel: avoid stilettos, platforms and open-toe shoes
  • Conservative jewelry and accessories
  • Neat and clean hairstyles
  • Clean and trimmed fingernails
  • Remove body piercings and cover tattoos
  • Avoid perfume and makeup

Missed a Webinar or Workshops?

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