STEM Opportunities

STEM Corporate Engagement Team (CET)

The University of Memphis STEM Corporate Engagement Team consists of professionals that work in the Memphis area in STEM fields. These professionals make themselves available to our TigerTalent for networking sessions, mock interviews, resume reviews, workshops, industry presentations, mentorship and corporate referrals. They also at times will provide opportunities for our TigerTalent for internships, research, job shadows, part time and full time jobs.

This CET allows STEM professionals to volunteer and build relationships with students early and provide visibility to their corporations while helping develop TigerTalent to be ready for the workforce in the Career Readiness Competencies that corporate America seeks.

To join our STEM Corporate Engagement Team or participate in an event email our Career Specialist Jada Meeks at jmeeks@memphis.edu


Corporate engagement team members

  1. Wayne Sanders, American Esoteric Labs (AEL)

  2. Katrina Bustamante, American Esoteric Labs (AEL)

  3. Don Field, Brenntag Mid-South, Inc.

  4. Brian Mulhern, Ensafe

  5. Alana Hudson, Fast Enterprises

  6. Kieth Seagraves, Global Recruiters of Memphis

  7. Laurie Seagraves, Global Recruiters of Memphis

  8. Dan Hall, Jacob Tubing

  9. Kathryn Simpson,PhD, Medtronic

  10. Nicholas Tabrizi, Medtronic

  11. Seth Howard, Nike

  12. Amber Sellers, Nike

  13. Paige Harris, Tennessee Department of Transportation

  14. Shannon Olivo, Tennesee Department of Transportation

  15. Timothy Tadler, Valero