Resources for STEM Students and Alumni

Preparing your elevator pitch

View examples of an elevator pitch to use and events. Impress your interviewers with your specific and unique abilities.

Preparing for your Interview

Job Interview Question Sample interview question by job title

LinkedIn Learning Mastering Interviewing Techniques

What is Professional Attire?

See Examples of Professional Attire for men and women.

Setting up your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn University for Students

Resources for Resumes & Cover Letters

Sample Resumes by Major 

Fundamentals of Engineering Exam

NCEES engineering exam registration and online study material

Articles on jobs for college students


How to Negotiate Your Salary

Cost of Living Comparison Website

Use this link to compare the cost of living in different cities to help decide which is cost efficient based on the salary offered.


Website for job searches

Internships, Cooperative Education, Part and Full time