Do YOU Have a Story to Share?

Adding to the Tent City story...

This website covers the main events and some of the questions surrounding this important Civil Rights Era movement, but we don't know what kinds of stories, photos, journals, and creative works there are to discover out there in your family's histories and attics and memories.

To enrich this story and to include a variety of perspectives, we ask you to contact us about any anecdotes or related material you may have about Tent City and/or the events leading up to it. We believe this website can grow, inspire, and uplift people today—sixty years after these events took place—who are experiencing a lack of basic human rights.

Beyond Fayette County...

We also believe the stories and materials gathered here have meaning beyond Fayette County. The struggle for justice is not unique to this region and here. As elsewhere, it highlighted deep divisions within the community while forcing everyone who lived in the area to think about what change might mean for their society and for themselves as individuals. We want to understand how people live and work in a shared locale during periods of social upheaval, or how they negotiate ongoing conflict while planning for an uncertain future.

Tell us your story

Do you have a story to tell about a real incident or person from the Fayette County Civil Rights Era? Would you like to contribute a photo or other artifact to this website?

Please contact us in a brief note below and provide your name and email as contact.