Objectives, Mission & Vision


The objective of The University of Memphis Tiger Copy & Graphics Printing Services is to be a primary resource for printing, reproduction, design, and finishing for The University of Memphis. This facility will enhance the university's printed communication with new design technology, high quality reproduction, and the most efficient state of the art finishing machines. The team members of this facility are dedicated to providing the best quality, friendliest service, and the most efficient methods of production at the most cost effective means to the university community.


The mission of Tiger Copy & Graphics is to support and enhance the university's communication and publication requirements through cost effective and efficient reproduction, design, processing, and distribution of communication. We continually monitor our customer's needs and are committed to acquire and employ state of the art digital technology to meet those needs in the most effective and efficient manner possible to fully serve and satisfy the university community. As well, Tiger Copy & Graphics will provide valuable resources and services to ensure all production oriented needs of the students, staff, and faculty are met, whether it be for professional or personal use.


The vision of Tiger Copy & Graphics encompasses advanced technological procedures, educated customers and staff, latest state of the art machinery, and seamless ordering. This facility will lead the University of Memphis into a new technological age in which digital printing is no longer a thing of the future, but a reality in which students, faculty, and staff seamlessly submit projects online and immediately receive a digital proof and pricing information. Tiger Copy & Graphics will raise the bar of quality to greater levels on printed materials for the campus community promoting professionalism to the presentation of the University of Memphis brand.