Training and Development

The Master of Professional Studies degree with a concentration in Training and Development prepares individuals to excel in today's rapidly changing professional environment. Students seeking an MPS in Training and Development will gain the skills to discuss, assess, and apply leadership theories and concepts; analyze, use, and report data for organizational assessment decision-making and program evaluation; apply instructional design theories and concepts; understand and assess e-learning technologies; and manage the design and implementation of instructional and training materials. This graduate professional studies degree consists of 33 hours of interdisciplinary coursework in the areas of distance learning in online, compressed video, computer-based training, and on-site training.

Program Requirements

Students enrolled in the MPS degree will complete 9 credit hours of core courses; 21 credit hours in the concentration; and 3 credit hours in the culminating project for a total of 33 credit hours.

A. Core Courses: The MPS Core is required of all students, and consists of the following three courses. (9 credit hours)

PRST 7100 - Professional Environment: Issues and Ethics (3 credits)
PRST 7200 - Globalization and the Professions (3 credits)
PRST 7300 - Research Methods (3 credits) 

B. Concentration Requirements: Students will complete the following five courses. (15 credit hours)

PRST 7770 - Computer-Based Decision Modeling (3 credits) (Prerequisite: PRST 7300)
PRST 7600 - Statistical Analysis (3 credits)

PRST 7400 - Instructional Design for Training and Development (3 credits)
PRST 7410 - Evaluation of Learning (3 credits) (Prerequisites: PRST 7600 or PRST 7770 and PRST 7400)
PRST 7420 - Organizational Needs Analysis (3 credits)
PRST 7470 - Facilitation of Learning (3 credits)

Specialization Options: Students will complete two of the following seven courses.
(6 credit hours)

PRST 7040 - Human Resources Management (3 credit hours)
PRST 7105 - Project Planning and Scheduling (3 credit hours)
PRST 7430 - Advanced Instructional Design for Training and Development (3 credit hours)
PRST 7440 - Engaging the Adult Online Learner (3 credit hours) (Prerequisite: PRST 7430)
PRST 7450 - Computer-Based Technologies for E-Training (3 credit hours) (Prerequisite: PRST 7400)
PRST 7910 - Employer and Human Resources Law (3 credit hours) (Prerequisite: PRST 7040)
PRST 7920 - Diversity in the Workplace (3 credit hours)

C. Professional Project: The Master of Professional Studies program requires every student to complete a professional project as the culminating experience in earning the degree. A professional project proposal must be submitted to and approved by the Graduate Studies Coordinator before the PRST 7998 permit will be issued. The deadlines and proposal questions are found in the Proposal Approval Form.

PRST 7998 - Professional Project (3 credit hours)