UB Online Workshops

The University of Memphis TRiO Upward Bound Program has added an online portion for our UB participants who cannot participate in our Saturday Academy. TRiO offers a variety of workshops throughout the school year. These workshops are geared to help you become successful post-high school. All workshops are provided free of charge to all TRiO Upward Bound participants. The left bar of this page has TRIO UB's current grade level and workshops for our participates to complete. The workshops cover various college preparatory skills and tools needed from the beginning to the end of your high school career. To receive full workshop credit please write a two-page review of the video that you viewed. Send the document to upwardbound@memphis.edu once completed. 

Our workshops cover the following subjects for the betterment of participants: 

  1. Why College?
  2. Different types of Certifications & Degrees
  3. College Types & Best Fits
  4. Choosing the right college
  5. Academic Fit
  6. Social Fit
  7. The Admission Process to College and much more. 

Please enjoy all information presented!!

Upward Bound is College Bound!!