UofM Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Program

The “UofM-VIP Program” project adapts, implements, researches, and evaluates the Vertically-Integrated Projects (VIP) model, a transformative approach to enhancing higher education be engaging undergraduate and graduate students in ambitious, long-term, large-scale, multidisciplinary project teams that are led by faculty, at the UofM. VIP has been implemented for over 20 years and has been adopted by more than 40 Universities of different size and diversity in the USA and abroad.


Through VIP, student teams are embedded in faculty research projects. VIP provides faculty with a framework for effective management of large, multidisciplinary research projects - and the opportunity to work with undergraduates, growing local talent for graduate school.

VIP offers a low-stakes environment in which to try new ideas, and to develop the preliminary research, data, etc. you need in order to pursue sponsored research. VIP is also a great way to connect “broader impacts” or educational components required by some sponsoring agencies within your research.  

Teams evolve with their faculty member’s research and become integral parts of the instructors’ research portfolios.  

Students can participate in VIP for multiple semesters, with returning students taking on additional technical and/or leadership responsibiities within their teams. This lessens the time faculty spend on-boarding new students, freeing them to focus on higher-order work.

UofM VIP Structure

  • Students are assigned to a research team with a faculty advisor and student mentors
  • 1.0 hour research-intensive course experience taken in three consecutive semesters
  • Students can earn up to 3.0 hours of technical elective credit upon successful completion of the 3 consecutive semesters
  • Opportunity to continue VIP experience beyond the 3.0 hour credit via paid or volunteer experiences

Download our printable faculty flyer:

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Faculty VIP Flyer