The VIP Student Experience

The “UofM-VIP Program” provides undergraduate and graduate students a unique learning opportunity that engages them in ambitious, long-term, large-scale, multidisciplinary project teams that are led by UofM faculty. Prior experience is not necessary, but a willingness to learn and collaborate is a must! 

  • Students are assigned to a VIP team with a faculty advisor and student mentors 
  • 1.0-hour research-intensive course experience taken in three consecutive semesters
  • Once 3.0 credit hours are earned, these hours can be applied as a technical elective
  • Opportunity to continue VIP experience beyond the 3.0-hour credit via paid or volunteer experiences 


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UofM VIP Courses

The VIP courses are limited enrollment each semester and require students to apply to participate.  All participants must receive a permit in order to enroll. The following courses are offered every semester:

  • VIP Exploration (ENGR 1211) – Freshmen in the Helen Hardin Honors program may enroll in this course.
  • VIP Introductory (ENGR 2211) – This course is intended for introductory team members (starting at the sophmore level).
  • VIP Intermediate (ENGR 3211) – This course is intended for intermediate team members who have already completed one semester of the VIP program.
  • VIP Advanced (ENGR 4211) – This course is intended for advanced team members with two or more semesters of experience on the same project.

Download Course Syllabi:

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Introductory (ENGR 2211) Syllabus >

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Student VIP Flyer

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