Chinese as a Concentration

Chinese can be one of the concentrations in the Major in World Languages: Requirements for a one-language concentration: 24 upper-division semester hours in a single language.  Requirements for a two-language concentration: 27 upper division semester hours with a minimum of 9 semester hours in each language. Requirements for a three-language concentration: at least 33 upper division semester hours to include at least 12 semester hours in each of two languages plus approved course work in a third language.

The Minor in Chinese

Requirements for a Chinese minor

Completion of 18 semester hours consisting of (1) courses numbered 1020, 2010, and 2020 (or their equivalents) and (2) 9 upper division semester hours in the Chinese Program. Students placing directly into 2010 or higher on the placement exam may complete the requirements for the minor by either: (1) applying for retroactive credit for 1020 and any subsequent courses out of which they have placed; or (2) completing additional upper-division hours to bring the total number of hours for the minor to 18.

How to declare a Chinese minor

Students declare a minor in the Dean's office of the College of their major.

Language Requirements

Chinese can fulfill the language requirements for some or all UM foreign language requirements, and fulfills some University College requirements for the major in Asian Studies and International Trade.