PLEASE NOTE — Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, no in-person tutoring is available for Fall 2020; however, tutoring for many languages in our Department has been moved online, or may be available through the Upswing platform, as indicated below.    

FALL 2020

Help is offered in the following languages.  This site will be updated with changes as necessary. Tutoring is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. No appointments are taken. Tutors will NOT do your homework or write your compositions, nor may they proofread your compositions for you. Our language helpers are here to answer your questions about what you have studied in class, but NOT to reteach what you should have learned in class. It is helpful if you have specific things to ask the tutors such as "I'm having problems learning the rules of the subjunctive" rather than saying simply "I don't understand."  You should always go to your professor first with your issues.

Language and Hours 


  • Click here for information about our Department of WLL tutors for French
  • Tutors may also be available via Upswing (please see below)


  • Information about Dept. tutors will be posted as soon as it's available
  • Tutors may also be available via Upswing (please see below)


  • Information about Dept. tutors for other languages will be posted as soon as it's available. Please contact your instructor for details about tutoring options that may be available for your language.


  • For several languages, free online tutoring is also available through the Upswing platform via the U of M's Educational Support Program. Drop-in and scheduled tutoring sessions are available, as well as tutoring via message, for which you'll receive a response to your questions within 24 hours. 
  • If your language or course isn't in the Upswing system, for assistance please contact your instructor and consider submitting a request to Upswing so they know that in the future, this is a language/course they can support.