Covering an area large enough to accommodate the whole of Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral, the size and splendor of the Great Hypostyle Hall is enough to astound even the most jaded observer.

The central nave is supported by twelve huge columns which are 21 meters (70 ft) high, and it is said that the tops of each of their open papyrus flower capitals, 5.4 meters (18 ft) in diameter, could support 100 men.

19th Century reconstruction of the Hypostyle Hall
A nineteenth century reconstruction of the Hypostyle Hall

These columns support a system of architraves and huge windows with massive stone grilles reaching a total height of around 20 meters (70 ft), similar to that of a Medieval cathedral. Flanking the nave are a further 122 columns 12 meters (40 ft) high with closed-bud papyrus capitals.