Quiet Policy

The Quiet Policy is instituted by The University Libraries to provide provide for the creation and safeguarding of an environment that is conducive to individual and group study, research, and public service activities.


  • A certain amount of noise can be expected at all public service desks where library staff members are assisting clients.
  • In other areas, both staff and clients are expected to minimize their noise so as not to disturb others who may be studying nearby. Conversations should be kept to a minimum. When talking is necessary, voices should be kept low.
  • On the third and fourth floors of the McWherter Library, quiet study areas may be found around the perimeter and in the book stacks. Those who need quiet are encouraged to use these areas, and all library clients should be considerate of the expected quiet in these areas.
  • Radios, CD players and similar devices should not be used without personal earphones, and the volume should be set so as not to be disruptive to other library clients. All cell phones, pagers and similar devices must be set to ‘silent’ or ‘vibrate’ upon entering any of the University Libraries. Considerate use of cell phones is allowed in McWherter Library in the Rotunda and near the elevators on all floors. For branch libraries, cell phones must be used in the hallways outside the libraries.
  • Groups of students who wish to work together should use the designated group study rooms on the third and fourth floors of Ned R. McWherter Library. These rooms are free and may be used on a first come basis.

Problems should be brought to the attention of library staff. Those who fail to comply with this policy will be given a warning notifying them of the policy. If a patron is uncooperative, library employees are authorized to call Police Services.

User Services Committee, Spring 2004