About the Philosophy Circle

The Philosophy Circle is a registered student organization for undergraduates of any major who have an interest in philosophy. The Circle meets throughout the fall and spring semesters to present guest speakers, host discussions, and organize reading groups. In addition to its regular meetings (called Tapping Philosophy), the Circle hosts an annual undergraduate conference each spring that coincides with the Midsouth Philosophy Conference.

The Philosophy Circle is listed on the University of Memphis RSO database at the following address: http://www.memphis.edu/philosophy/undergraduate/philosophy-circle.php

To become an official member, students can request membership through that page, or contact Julian Rome (mrome@memphis.edu).

Philosophy Circle Tutoring

The Philosophy Circle also provides tutoring in all areas of philosophy, including logic, help with paper writing, and assistance comprehending class readings. The tutoring center is located in Clement Hall, room 314. We are available for students to walk-in at the following times:

Monday: 8:30-2:00
Tuesday: 10:00-4:00
Wednesday: 10:00-2:00
Thursday: 1:00-3:00
Friday: 8:30-4:00

For more information about tutoring, or to request an appointment outside of our walk-in hours, contact Julian Rome (mrome@memphis.edu). Please include your name and what class you are looking for tutoring in.
Our tutoring center is staffed entirely by high-performing undergraduates, typically philosophy majors who are in their junior or senior years.

If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please contact Julian Rome (mrome@memphis.edu) or Dr. Dan Larkin (dblarkin@memphis.edu).

Upcoming Events

Tapping Philosophy is a weekly gathering of students who meet in an informal setting to have pressure-free philosophical and non-philosophical discussions. We meet at RP Tracks (3547 Walker Ave, Memphis TN 38111) on Fridays at 6pm. Reading ahead of time is not required, but articles for each week are provided on the TigerZone page (https://memphis.campuslabs.com/engage/organization/philosophycircle).

Our topic schedule for the 2017 Fall Semester is as follows:

9/15 -- Abortion
9/22 -- Euthanasia/Suicide
9/29 -- Capital Punishment
10/06 -- Same-Sex Marriage
10/13 -- Right to Privacy/Drug Use
10/20 -- Pornography
10/27 -- Terrorism
11/03 -- Affirmative Action
11/10 -- Immigration
11/17 -- Transgender Rights
12/01 -- Freedom of Speech/Ethics of Humor
12/08 -- Non-Human Animal Rights

Annual Undergraduate Conference

In conjunction with the annual Midsouth Philosophy Conference, the annual Midsouth Undergraduate Philosophy Conference will be held March 23-24, 2018.

For more information, contact Julian Rome (mrome@memphis.edu) or Dr. Dan Larkin (dblarkin@memphis.edu).