People in the Department of Philosophy

Core Faculty

James Bahoh

Assistant Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Phenomenology, Ontology, German and French philosophy (Kant to present), Heidegger, Deleuze, German Idealism

Remy Debes

Associate Professor
Chair, Department of Philosophy
Co-Editor, Southern Journal of Philosophy

Ethics, moral psychology, philosophy of emotion, Scottish Enlightenment, Hume, Adam Smith

Shaun Gallagher

Moss Professor of Philosophy

Phenomenology, philosophy of mind, philosophical psychology, embodiment, intersubjectivity, hermeneutics

David Miguel Gray

Assistant Professor

Philosophy of race and racism, philosophy of psychology, African American philosophy, philosophy of mind

Mary Beth Mader

Co-Editor, Southern Journal of Philosophy

20th-century Continental philosophy, feminist theory, ontology

Michael Monahan

Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Admissions

Social and political philosophy, philosophy of race, Africana philosophy, phenomenology

Thomas Nenon

Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Husserl, Heidegger, Kant and German idealism, hermeneutics, philosophy of the social sciences

Timothy Roche

Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies

Greek and Roman Philosophy, history of philosophy, ethical theory, logic

Kas Saghafi

Associate Professor

Contemporary Continental Philosophy, Philosophy and Literature, Aesthetics, and Social/Political Philosophy

Daniel J. Smith

Assistant Professor
Director of Placement

Kant and German idealism, Contemporary Continental Philosophy (esp. Foucault, Deleuze), Philosophy and the Life Sciences, Philosophy of History

Lindsey Stewart

Assistant Professor

African American philosophy, Black feminist philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy

Deborah Tollefsen

Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Social Ontology

 Visiting Scholars

View Past Visiting Scholars

Sofie Boldsen

PhD student in the Psychology Department, University of Copenhagen

Fall 2019. Social interaction in autism

Giovanni Pennisi

PhD student in Cognitive Science, University of Messina, Sicily

Fall 2019. Psychopathology and representation

Anita Avramides

Professor of Philosophy, Oxford

Fall 2019. Author of Other Minds (2001, Routledge); Editor. of Knowing Other Minds (2019, OUP)

Anna Ciaunica

Professor of Philosophy, University College, London; University of Porto

Fall 2019. Works with neuroscientists, artists & clinical psychologists on empathy and social cognition

Jessica Lindblom

Professor of Cognitive Science, Skövde University, Sweden

Fall 2019. Applications related to robotics

Dina Mendonça

Professor of Philosophy, New University of Lisbon

Fall 2019. Emotion in social cognition and pragmatism

 Visiting Assistant Professors, Lecturers and Instructors

L. Manning Garrett

Senior Lecturer

319 Varnell-Jones (Lambuth campus)

Marda Kaiser- Rehnelt

Adjunct Instructor

310 Clement Hall

Salman Khawaja


309E Clement Hall

Sıla Özkara

Adjunct Instructor

Office hours: By appointment.

Amit Sen

Instructor and Undergraduate Advisor

339B Clement Hall

Kevin Taylor

Instructor and Online Coordinator

309D Clement Hall

Emeritus and Deceased Faculty

Pleshette DeArmitt

Associate Professor

Contemporary Continental philosophy, feminist theory, psychoanalysis, social and political thought

Gene James

Emeritus Professor

Value theory, applied ethics, American philosophy, philosophy of religion

Bill Lawson

Emeritus Professor

African American philosophy, social and political philosophy

Hoke Robinson

Emeritus Professor

Kant, rationalism, history of modern philosophy

Nancy Simco

Emeritus Professor

Analytic philosophy, metaphysics, advanced logic

John Tienson

Emeritus Professor

Philosophy of mind, metaphysics, philosophy of language, British empiricists