Online BA in Philosophy - Concentration in Applied Ethics

This program focuses on ethical theories and ethical problem-solving in the context of a number of professional domains including medicine, law, and business. Core courses in this program provide a solid foundation in the history of philosophy and logic.

This degree may be completed in the following ways: (a) University of Memphis courses (entirely online), or (b) by combining University of Memphis courses (online and on-campus), or (c) by combining University of Memphis courses (online and on-campus) with a limited number of approved courses transferred from other institutions (please consult the Undergraduate Catalog for more information). Additionally, out-of-state students may qualify for in-state tuition. Click here for more information.

Major Degree Requirements

This program's degree requirements are the same as those of the Philosophy Major except part C. which will read as follows.

C. The Major (30 hours)
Completion of 30 semester hours in philosophy courses comprised of the two lists, Core and Applied Ethics, below. To prepare philosophy students for success in a number of fields, the department offers online courses in several sub-divisions of philosophy.

Majors have to fulfill the following core requirements (15 hrs):
PHIL 1102 (Values in the Modern World)
PHIL 1611 (Elementary Logic)
PHIL 3001 (History of Ancient Philosophy)
PHIL 3002 (History of Modern Philosophy)
PHIL 3411 (Contemporary Moral Problems)

In addition, they have to complete 15 hrs from the following courses:
PHIL 3514 (Biomedical Ethics)
PHIL 3515 (Environmental Ethics)
PHIL 3516 (Philosophy of Law)
PHIL 3571 (Business Ethics and Society)

Minor Degree Requirements

Completion of 18 semester hours in philosophy courses, including PHIL 1102, PHIL 1611 or PHIL 1311, and 12 upper division semester hours. In consultation with the coordinator of undergraduate studies in philosophy, a student may design a minor (18 hours) that applies to the student's major area of study.

Further Information for Students Interested in Pursuing the Online BA

The online BA degree is a reading, writing, and discussion intensive program that helps students develop their critical thinking and argumentative writing skills.

The University's admission requirements apply; there are no specific admission requirements for the philosophy online BA. For more general information about admissions requirements, and the procedure for applying, please see the Admissions website. Admissions can be contacted at 901-678-2111 (toll-free at 800-669-2911), or by email at For a general listing of application deadlines, please visit the following link:

Students who have completed university-level coursework are encouraged to review the information about being a transfer student, including information about the process of evaluating previous coursework for transfer credit. This information can be found by clicking the following link, and then selecting the second link in the top left corner of the screen marked "Undergraduate Transfer:" You may also contact Admissions via the contact information provided above.

Information about our current course offerings is available on the Class Offerings page of the UofM website. Select the Class Schedule Search, pick a semester, pick "Philosophy" in the Subject box and select submit. The online classes are those designated with a "M" in the section number. For example: "Values in Modern World - 91998 - PHIL 1102 - M50".

The program has the same degree requirements as our on-campus program. Please see the Philosophy Department's Undergraduate program website for further details on specific degree requirements, and other details of the undergraduate program. A thesis is not required to complete the online major. However, online majors are welcome to take thesis hours and complete a thesis in an area of applied ethics. Online students also have the opportunity to build a portfolio of their work throughout the program, such that they have a collection of their work to show to potential employers or to further academic programs that they wish to attend after completing their degree.

Information about tuition fees is available here: University Student and Business Services

For more information about tuition, please contact the Bursar's Office. The Bursar's Office website, which includes the contact information for the office, can be found here:

For further questions, please contact the Department's undergraduate advisor, Mr. Amit Sen.