philosophy building

The 3+3 Accelerated BA/JD program allows students to complete their Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Philosophy and juris doctor (JD) degree in six years instead of the typical seven. Undergraduate scholarships will apply to the senior year of the BA/first year of the JD program.


Philosophy majors who have completed the required sequence of courses and meet the Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law admissions criteria.

Preparation for Law School:

Philosophy provides training in analytic and logical thinking, which are essential components of both the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) and the practice of law. The American Bar Association recommends that students looking to pursue a career in law acquire the following skills, all of which are practiced in philosophy courses:

  • Analytic and problem-solving skills
  • Critical reading skills
  • Writing skills
  • Oral communication and listening abilities
  • General research skills
  • Task organization and management skills
  • Public service and promotion of justice

Careers & Networks:

  • 2/5 justices of the Tennessee Supreme Court are Memphis Law alumni
  • 48 states have practicing Memphis Law alumni
  • 44 partners/shareholders at 3 of the largest law firms in Memphis are Memphis Law alumni
  • Approximately 25% of trial judges in Tennessee are Memphis Law alumni
  • 88% Employment rate for Class of 2015-17

Typical BA/JD Program Sequence:

Freshmen Year:

PHIL 1101 or 1102    3

Foreign Language/BA    3

MATH  3-4

Natural Science    4

ENGL 1010    3

      PHIL 1611    3

    Foreign Language/BA    3

COMM 2381    3

Natural Science    4

ENGL 1020    3


Sophomore Year:

    PHIL 3001    3

PHIL 3411 or 3516    3

History    3

ENGL 2201 or 2202    3

    Foreign Language/BA    3

    PHIL 1611    3

    PHIL 3511 or 3516    3

History    3

    Social/Behavioral Sciences    3

Foreign Language/BA    3

Junior Year:

    Social Behavioral Sciences    3

UD PHIL Elective       3

UD Elective       3

UD Elective       3

UD Elective       3

    Fine Arts BA    3

UD Elective    3

UD Elective    3

UD Elective    3

UD Elective    3

Year Four:

UD PHIL Elective   Legal Methods 1

UD PHIL Elective    Torts 1

UD Elective    Civil Procedure 1

UD Elective    Property 1

UD Elective    Contracts 1


      UD PHIL Elective    Legal Methods 2

UD Elective    Torts 2

UD Elective    Civil Procedure 2

UD Elective    Property 2

UD Elective    Contracts 2

UD Elective    Criminal Law

Year Five:

Constitutional Law


*A student is required to complete Evidence and Constitutional Law by the end of spring of year five. If a student takes either or both courses in the summer term between the first and second year, this requirement will be satisfied.

Year Six:

  • Professional Responsibility
  • Two courses in both the Statutory Menu and Practice Foundation Menu
    • Statutory Menu: Corporate Tax, Fair Employment, Practice, Income Taxation, Legislation, Sales, Secured Transactions, Labor Law
    • Practice Foundation Menu: Administrative Law, Business Organizations, Decedents' Estates, Family Law, Conflicts of Law, Remedies
  • Criminal Procedure I
  • Bar Exam Preparation Course


Department of Philosophy
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Assistant Professor of Teaching
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