Homicide, Domestic Violence, Youth & Guns in Memphis

This presentation results from various research conducted at the request of various agencies and for program development and implementation. Download: PowerPoint | PDF

Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice

  • Dr. James McCutcheon
  • Dr. Bert Burraston
  • Dr. Amaia Iratzoqui

Public Safety Institute

  • Dr. Angela D. Madden


At the request of various public agencies, Drs. James McCutcheon, Bert Burraston, Amaia Ratzoqui, and Angela Madden of the University of Memphis Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice have been leaders in conducting research on homicides in Memphis. ( Dr. Madden serves as Research Associate Professor for the Public Safety Institute.) Their research provides insight into certain "predictors" of neighborhood homicides, including the impact of geographic location, a history of domestic violence, residential mobility, educational level, and age. CLICK HERE for more detailed results of their research.