Close Out


Department or PI informs the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSPA) staff and the Sponsor's Program Official as early as possible that a PI is transferring and provides information regarding the date of transfer, what awards the PI expects to transfer, and the name of the new institution. The transfer/relinquishment date should be the last date the PI is to be employed with UofM to coincide with the day significant programmatic interest is no longer performed at this institution. If some work is expected to continue after the PI has left UofM, the PI should work with the new institution and OSP staff to establish a subaward as a mechanism for reimbursement for any expenses incurred at UofM after the relinquishment date.

The OSP staff will facilitate the transfer process, based on receipt of the above information, by coordinating with the PI and other UofM units to assemble and submit the necessary documents required for the transfer.

Equipment Transfer: If the PI is expecting to transfer equipment to their new institution, the Department or PI will follow the instructions outlined in the Fixed Asset Guidelines. The OSP staff is responsible for reviewing the applicable sponsor's equipment disposition guidelines to ensure UofM has the authority to transfer equipment indicated. The OSP staff will initial next to the OSP Director's signature on the equipment relinquishment letter, forward for the Director's signature, and return to Fixed Assets for processing.

Grant Transfer: The OSP staff will perform an analysis of the PI's portfolio, determine the transfer procedure, if a set transfer procedure for the sponsor exists, work with the Department to estimate the account expenditures at the time of the transfer, and ask the Department which accounts the Chair will agree to be transferred. The department will work with OSP, if there are any subawards that need to be terminated.

The PI will submit all non-financial documents requested as soon as possible. This may include, but is not limited to a progress report, final invention statement, certified effort report, as well as any award application documents required to be submitted from the new institution.

The OSP staff will prepare the relinquishing documents in accordance with sponsor requirements or use the Non-Federal Relinquishment Letter if the sponsor does not have an established transfer procedure. Completed documents are sent to the PI and Department allowing five days grace before assumed concurrence, and then submitted to the corresponding sponsor immediately. The OSP staff maintains contact with each sponsor and PI to ensure documents are received and processed in a timely manner. The PI should be kept informed of the progress as needed.

Once the sponsor has officially relinquished the award, the SPA staff will prepare and submit all final financial reports and close the OGA award.