Contract Services


  • Clinical Affiliation Agreement (CAA)
    Clinical affiliation agreements (CAAs) are formal contracts between educational institutions and healthcare facilities. These CAAs allow students who are participating in clinical or nursing educational programs to get practical experience in their field.

  •  Consulting Agreement
    A consulting agreement is a legally binding agreement about the nature of working relationship between two or more researchers in a research project. It must be executed, or signed, prior to the starting of the project. It specifies about the intent of the parties to share data, research materials and facilities, and to publish research findings. A consultant will generally render services on a "work for hire" basis (assign all tangible and intangible property rights to University of Memphis). A contract for consultant services does not generally require the inclusion (flow down) of the terms and conditions contained in the University of Memphis prime award. The University of Memphis would not direct or retain control over a consultant. An employer-employee relationship exists when the University of Memphis has a great deal of control over the work, including providing regular supervision, decision-making and guidance. In this situation, the person should be classified as an employee. Consultants must agree to abide by the University's Intellectual Property policies by signing a Participation Agreement. 

  • Data Acquisition Agreement

  • Dual Service Agreement
    Contact Angela Fair at 901.678.0880 for Dual Service Agreements.

  • Federal Contracts

  • Industry Sponsored Agreement

  • Intellectual Property Agreement

  • Licensing Agreement

  • Material Transfer Agreement

  • Memorandum of Understanding

  • Nondisclosure Agreement

  • Purchase Order

  • Service Agreement

  • Sponsored Internship Agreement

  • Student Internship Program
    Contact Angela Fair at 901.678.0880 for the Student Internship Program.

  • Subaward (outgoing and incoming)

  • State and Local Government Contracts

  • Teaming Agreement


  • Scope of Work