STEM Opportunities

The STEM "Get Hired" Academy

At the “GET HIRED” Academy participants will be given a certificate for each series of workshops they attend. This will help them develop their career portfolio. Each workshop will address a Career Readiness Competency (CRC).

Freshman and Sophomores Academy Series
Academy FS     (CRC: Career Management)

1.      Refining My STEM Career Goals (Focus II) Pre-STEM majors

2.      Reverse Building my Resume

a.      What specific goals do I set to have a great resume?

b.      How to select Volunteer, Service, Internships, and Jobs

c.       Be Intentional: Leadership and Awards

3.      STEM Job Search Analysis

Junior and Seniors Academy Series
Academy JS     (CRC: Career Management, Oral & Written Communication)

1.      Writing the Relevant Resume

2.      Becoming the Expert Interviewee

a.      Mock Interview Summit

3.      STEM Career Planning and Job Search Resources

4.      Internship Acquisition Strategies

All STEM Students Academy AS2A Series

Academy AS2A 1        (CRC: Professionalism, Work Ethic and Oral Communication)

1.      Professional Etiquette and Attire

2.      Networking for Success

3.      Professional STEM Speakers Panel Discussion (by major)

Academy AS2A 2 (CRC: Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Teamwork & Collaboration, Global & Intercultural Fluency)

1.      Workplace Problem Solving

2.      Diversity Awareness

3.      Corporate Project Development

Graduate School Academy Series

Academy GRADSC       (CRC: Oral & Written Communications)

1.      Graduate School Personal Statement

2.      Portfolio Development