Cool advantages of summer school.

3+3 Initiative
The UofM will again offer the 3+3 Initiative during summer 2018 – three free credit hours for any first-time freshman who began in summer 2017, fall 2017 or spring 2018. The initiative is designed to help students reach the goal of graduation within four years. For more information, or to register for classes using the summer 3+3 Scholarship, click here.

The University will again offer a three-week mini-term in May to help students accelerate their progress to degree completion, called the Maymester initiative.

Revised Summer Course Offerings
The UofM reviewed its summer course offerings to ensure that the classes in the highest demand are among those offered during the summer. The summer offerings also are intended to align with degree-pathway initiatives to create faster, clearer paths to degree completion within four years. Look for an expanded roster of on campus, online and off campus courses. 

All students will be able to take advantage of the three-week mini-term (Maymester) and the redesigned summer schedules. Registration for summer classes begins April 2.

New for Summer 2018 – Federal Pell Grant Recipients:
Federal Pell Grant recipients who have not yet reached their lifetime eligibility (6 full-time years) and who have already received 100% of their scheduled yearly award may be eligible for additional Summer Pell Grant if enrolled in at least half-time status during the Summer term(s). This means that if you enroll in 3 credit hours for Summer I and another 3 hours for Summer II, then you must commit to both classes. Dropping from your Summer II course before the start of the term will make you ineligible and will require our office to cancel ALL your Summer aid.