Congratulations Seniors!
Graduation is right around the corner.

Preparing to graduate takes time and planning.  Carefully review the following deadlines and instructions required for the graduation process.

Last Day to File for Graduation

    Summer 2017 - April 5, 2017
  Fall 2017 - July 12, 2017
  Spring 2018 - November 8, 2017

Before completing the University College's graduation process, if you are designing your own degree, you are required to have an approved baccaluareate contract prior to being issued a UNIV 4995 Senior Project permit.

Additionally, students seeking credit for:  ELC, CLEP, DSST, etc. must have credits posted to your University of Memphis transcript prior to being issued a permit for the UNIV 4995 Senior Project. UNIV 4995 must be taken in your final semester of course work and permits will not be issued if you are waiting for these items to be posted to your transcript. 

Note: Although you may have applied for graduation, the above requirements must be  met in order to remain on the approrpriate graduation list.

Step 1: Create a graduation plan in UMdegree by clicking the Plans tab.

plans tab

 - Review instructions on how to create a Plan in UMdegree.


Step 2: Apply to Graduate. 

  • Log-in to your student account at and find the “My Degree” page located among the links at the top of your account. (Note: You may have more links in your account than pictured below. Look through all links at the top to find My Degree)



  • Read and follow the instructions in the “Commencement and Graduation” block.

                                                                graduation steps

Once your advisor reviews and approves your graduation plan, a permit for your Senior Project course (UNIV 4995) will be requested for you. Please be patient with your advisor as your Plan needs careful review. Permits are issued by University College administrators between the last day to apply to graduate and up to the start of your final semester.

STEP 3: Check your UM email regularly for your Graduation Agreement Packet. Packets will be emailed to qualified students starting the day after the graduation application deadline.  Once you complete this packet and return it to our office, this will be the final step in the University College graduation process.

  • The deadline to apply for Spring 2017 graduation has past.

    Students who missed this deadline should direct questions or concerns to graduation analyst, Jackie Cole by email or phone at 901-678-2716. Please refer to the Registrar's Office Calendar for future filing deadlines.