SETE Summary Form Instructions:

This SETE Summary is required for Promotion and/or Tenure submission if workload includes teaching. You may also upload a pdf of your complete SETE scores and/or comments. If you choose to upload these documents, include them for all courses/sections taught during this time period.

  1. Log in to MyMemphis > choose Employee Tab

  2. Scroll until you see “Access PowerBI” > Launch “OIR Grade Distributions” Dashboard

    Power BI screenshot   Oir Grade Distribution Screenshot

  3. Choose appropriate timeframe using the Year & Semester filter on the right-hand side.

    Year & Semester filter

  4. Choose your name using the “Faculty Name” filter on the right-hand side.

    faculty name filter

  5. Record the following information to this SETE Summary Form.

    • Question 9 = In general, the instructor was an effective teacher

      • Indicate number of students completing the SETE and number of students enrolled in this section.

      • Indicate mean score for the section, course, prefix, and college (for Question 9)

  6. Record data for each course/section taught for the most recent five-year period.

    • Fill out first two columns on the form for all assigned courses, even those for which SETEs were not generated.


Here is an example of a SETE summary record and which column to add the data to on the SETE Summary Form

completed sete summary record

form example