SETE Summary Form Instructions:

This SETE Summary is required for Promotion and/or Tenure submission if workload includes teaching. You may also upload a pdf of your complete SETE scores and/or comments. If you choose to upload these documents, include them for all courses/sections taught during this time period.

  1. Log in to MyMemphis > choose Employee Tab

  2. Scroll until you see “Access PowerBI” > Launch “OIR Grade Distributions” Dashboard

    Power BI screenshot   Oir Grade Distribution Screenshot

  3. Choose appropriate timeframe using the Year & Semester filter on the right-hand side.

    Year & Semester filter

  4. Choose your name using the “Faculty Name” filter on the right-hand side.

    faculty name filter

  5. Record the following information for the question “In general, the instructor was an effective teacher” on this SETE Summary Form

    1. Indicate number of students completing the SETE and number of students enrolled in this section.

    2. Indicate mean score for the section, course, prefix, and college.

  6. Record data for each course/section taught for the most recent five-year period.

    • Fill out first two columns on the form for all assigned courses, even those for which SETEs were not generated.