Forms, Guidelines, & Instructions

This page contains forms, guidelines, and instructions regarding Promotion and/or Tenure and other faculty related matters.

Please also consult the Faculty Handbook website and the Calendars page for information on the process related to Promotion and/or Tenure.

If you have any questions or issues with the forms/documents below, please email Office of the Provost.



  • "Open in desktop app"
    • When opening any of the following documents, please click on "Open in desktop app" located in the top right hand corner, before filling out the PDF form. 

open in desktop app

  • Signature Lines
    • To add your signature, use the steps below:
      • Click, the "PEN" icon to create a new signature.

        pen icon in PDF forms

      • Click, "Sign Yourself" then "Add Signature" 

        add signature

      • Type you name and click "apply" 

        type name

      • Then add the signature to the line where your signature is required. 

        add to document

The instructions below include information on how your dossier documents should be structured and named when submitted, as well as information on creating dossier folders via OneDrive, permission timeline for committee members/chairs, and instructions on how to submit the final folder to the Provost's Office.