Study Abroad Programs

The University of Memphis' Study Abroad offers more than 200 semester, academic year and summer programs in over 60 countries to meet the diverse needs of the UofM student population.

Study Abroad can be a life-altering experience from which you can broaden your global perspective. It is not enough to simply get a college degree and have a good GPA to be competitive in the job market after graduation. In today's globalized society potential employers are looking for people with international experience, cross-cultural skills, flexibility, and adaptability that can all be gained on a study abroad experience.

Semester and Year Programs

Semester and academic year programs allow students to gain a comprehensive immersion experience. There are a variety of programs that offer students the opportunity to study at one of our partner institutions abroad or through an affiliate program. Students participating in an exchange program pay UofM tuition and the application fee. Students are responsible for paying their housing fees directly to the host institution. Affiliate program fees vary.

Short-Term Programs

Students can choose from a variety of short-term study abroad options offered during summer and spring-break. This includes UofM faculty-led, partner institutions and affiliate programs. Students participating on a faculty-led program earn UofM credit and are a wonderful opportunity for students to interact with faculty and other students, while sharing an international experience. 

Internships Abroad

Internship program placements are available in English for many majors at various destinates across the world. Participation in an internship can give you the the professional advantage you to need to succeed by providing an opportunity to develop the global skills that are in demand in today's job market. 

Service Learning Abroad

Service learning programs provide an opportunity to engage in community service at non-profit organizations, health clinics, schools, and local government offices abroad. 

UofM Affiliate Programs

To enable us provide more options for study abroad locations the UofM has affiliations with certain study abroad program providers. Students may apply to study abroad on any of our affiliated programs. Program costs, application fees and requirements for affiliate programs vary and students should contact the study abroad office for information on the individual sponsors.

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