Funding Your Study Abroad Experience

In many cases, financial aid (student loans, scholarships, etc.) can be used toward covering the cost of study abroad.
There are also a limited number of scholarships that may apply to your program of choice. You can generally use UofM academic scholarships, Hope Scholarship, federal student loans, and Pell grants that are ordinarily applicable to campus programs for study abroad costs. Some UofM tuition waivers do apply.

Scholarships for Study Abroad

The University of Memphis Study Abroad Scholarship is available for full-time graduate and undergraduate students at The University of Memphis. Undergraduate students must have completed 45 semester hours and have a minimum 2.75 GPA. Graduate students must have completed 6 semester hours and be in good academic standing. In addition to the UofM Study Abroad Scholarship, there are various institutional and external scholarships for students.

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Financial Aid for Study Abroad

Using financial aid can make your study abroad experience more affordable. You must complete the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) to attain aid if you have not done so already for the academic year. For semester and year programs, all standard financial aid can usually be used towards your study abroad program fees. This includes loans, the Federal Pell Grant, Hope Scholarship, and more. For short-term programs, some forms of financial aid can be used toward your study abroad program fees. For more information, please visit the UofM financial aid page.

To use Federal Financial Aid, the courses that you are taking abroad must match your Course Program of Study (CPOS). This means that the courses you are taking abroad must match your declared major/minor to be eligible for Federal Financial Aid. For more information about this requirement, please visit Financial Aid's CPOS website: https://www.memphis.edu/financialaid/cpos.php

For questions regarding financial aid, please visit the Enrollment Services Center (ESC) located at Wilder Tower 102 or email financialaid@memphis.edu.