Support and Development of International Programs

The Study Abroad Office welcomes the continued involvement of UofM faculty and advisors in our efforts to promote international education on campus. Faculty and Advisors are encouraged to support the activities of the Study Abroad Office by helping with the academic advising, recruitment, selection, and orientation of study abroad students. UofM faculty also serve on study abroad committees to help strengthen and enhance existing programs.

UofM faculty may participate in international programs in the following ways:

  • Serve as Faculty Program Directors for Spring, Spring break, Spring 2, and summer study abroad programs
  • Participate in a faculty exchange program at one of our partner institutions abroad
  • Serve in various campus-wide capacities to help develop and support international programs
  • Apply for a Fulbright or other international grants to spend a semester or academic year abroad
  • Participate in a Faculty Development Seminar
  • Join the International Faculty & Staff Association 


Study Abroad Scholarship Committee 

The Study Abroad Office forms a Scholarship Committee each term to help rate applicants who have applied for travel funding. Committee members typically review 10-15 applications and complete a brief committee meeting to determine final ratings. Those interested in volunteering for our Scholarship Committee can reach out to tigersabroad@memphis.edu for more information. 

International Faculty & Staff Association 

The recently created International Faculty & Staff Association is designed to foster a community amongst faculty and staff from abroad.  Assistant Professor Sofiya Petrova Dahman is the current President. For more information, please email Sofiya at spdahman@memphis.edu. 


Faculty-Led Short Term Program Opportunities

Faculty are encouraged to develop new courses to teach abroad. We currently sponsor short-term programs to Italy, China, England, Germany, and several other countries. The Study Abroad Office works closely with faculty in designing study abroad programs. Interested faculty may complete and submit a study abroad proposal form as well as a non-traditional course offering request form.

Term Options:

Full Spring with Summer Travel (Spring)
The Full Spring with summer travel option allows for faculty to prepare students for travel over a semester. This option is excellent for faculty members who are leading programs that may require more training or prep work. Faculty who create a full spring study abroad program must have a UofM companion course attached to the study abroad program. Students will complete their study abroad application for the program prior to the start of the spring semester. Students will then be enrolled in the companion course. The Study Abroad Office will assist faculty in the course creation and student enrollment. (Click here to view all Spring program guidelines.)

Spring break Travel Option
Faculty can create a short-term program that travels during spring break. Faculty who create spring break programs should schedule an appointment with the CIES Director to discuss program options.

Spring 2nd Part of Term with Summer Travel (Spring 2)
The Spring 2 option is great for faculty who need time in the classroom to prepare students for their summer travel but do not need a full semester. Just like the full spring option, Spring 2 programs must have a UofM companion course. Students must complete their study abroad application prior to the start of the spring semester to be enrolled in the Spring 2 companion course. (Click here to view the Spring 2 program guidelines.)

Summer Term
The traditional summer term option is a popular option among our faculty and students. Travel dates are usually flexible, and students can take summer courses before or after their study abroad program. Faculty who create summer programs can either create one with a UofM companion course or have a host institution transfer the course credit. If a faculty member chooses the transfer credit option, he or she should meet with the CIES Director. Faculty who create programs with UofM companion courses will be notified by someone in the SAO to set up the course.

A Proposal Review Committee reviews Faculty-led program proposals. To submit or renew a faculty-led program proposal, please click on one of the following.

Submit Faculty-Led Proposal >

Proposal/Renewal Deadline Term
May 15 Spring
May 15 Spring 2
May 15 Summer
May 15 Spring Break

Before traveling, the Study Abroad Office advises all faculty to familiarize themselves with the BF4001 - University Travel.

All faculty and staff traveling abroad through a UofM sponsored program or are receiving funding from the UofM for independent travel are required to register travel information with the University of Memphis Study Abroad Office.

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