Donations & Gifts

We greatly appreciate any donation that you can make to our center. You can make your donation in three ways:

1. Money for programs and services

Donations of money are used to provide services to people who have no funding, including the elderly, minority, live in inner-city or rural areas, have young children, or live in retirement center. These funds are used to repair and adapt devices, including toys, computers, and communication devices.

The University of Memphis Foundation/Mid-South ACT has a non-profit status via The University Of Memphis Foundation. The foundation is a designated 501(c)(3) organization by the IRS, and all donations of money, time, or equipment are tax deductible.

Every year, Mid-South ACT staff work with many people who have no funds to pay for services.

2. Hardware and Computers - used for loaners

We accept donated computers, printers, modems, software programs, scanners, and augmentative communication devices or other assistive technology devices. Computers and printers are needed for loan to people with disabilities in West Tennessee who cannot afford to purchase them. These computers are used for language development, to teach young people with disabilities math and reading, and for job preparation and training. Due to the ever increasing complexity of assistive technology programs, our minimum requirements for donated computers are "working" computers with a minimum of a I GHz processor with a minimum of  512 MB of RAM.

3. Time - for adapting toys and helping with projects

Your contributions are very important to us, but the most valuable contribution of all is your time. If you are interested in having the experience of working with persons with disabilities, Contact Us

We can provide written receipt of donated items for your tax deductions.