Profiles of Success

 ACT Profiles of Success

ACT Profiles of Success


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[Video about Bobby]

Image of BobbyBobby is a 32 years old client at Mid-South ACT. He is very independent and wants to introduce himself and share his ideas.

"I am Bobby and I was born with a disability called Cerebral Palsy (CP). CP has affected me in many ways. Extreme muscle tightness, Limited motor skills, visual impairment, and lack of right hand use are the primary difficulties that I face. Assistive Technology helps me in many different ways. I transport myself in a motorized wheelchair, and I use a walker to get around in my house. Mid-South ACT Center has helped me tremendously. One of the programs that I use on the computer is called Dragon Naturally Speaking. Dragon Naturally Speaking is a voice recognition program that allows those using it to speak into a microphone and have their text only typed into the system. The other program that I use on the computer is called Zoom Text. Zoom Text is a great program for a person that has a visual problem, because it allows one to magnify text, in order to accommodate his/her visual needs. Mid-South ACT provides individuals with many beneficial skills. It has helped me strive to reach my goals." Read an article written by Bobby>

ACT Profiles of Success

ACT Profiles of Success


[Video about Shirley]

Image of ShirleyMs.Shirley is a 58 year old outreach client at Mid-South Access Center for Technology. She lived a full and healthy life for many years. At the age of 41 years she was diagnosed with chronic progressive multiple sclerosis which resulted in making her a quadriplegic.

Although she has major motor skill limitations, assistive technology (AT) devices and software applications made it possible for her to live independently with confidence. She uses an environmental control unit (E.D.G.A.R.) to operate her television, VCR and fan. She also uses a switch access device to operate the telephone. With the assistance of voice recognition AT, i.e. Dragon Naturally Speaking, she checks her emails, does online banking, and listens to music. If you are interested in knowing more about Ms. Shirley, you can visit her website at www.shirleypatton.com. Shirley donated her resources to the ACT program after her move to another state.

Note: For additional information about environmental control units contact act@memphis.edu.

ACT Profiles of Success

ACT Profiles of Success


[Video about Mark]

Image of Mark Mark a student at the University of Memphis. At 17 years of age he was diagnosed with a very rare type of brain tumor known as medulloblastoma. The tumor was successfully removed, but affected his motor abilities, speech and vision.Mark uses a motorized scooter to get around. Mark visits the Mid-South Access Center for Technology where he uses Dragon Naturally Speaking, a speech recognition software.


ACT Profiles of Success

ACT Profiles of Success


[Video about Henry ]

Image of HenryMr. Boykins is a client at Mid-South Access Center for Technology. He was diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy and diabetes mellitus, which led to his visual impairment (legally blind). He has an Associate's degree in Civil Engineering from State Technical Institute (Southwest Community College), and a Bachelor's degree in Design Engineering and Technology from the University of Memphis.

Mr. Boykins is a pleasurable person to work with because of his eagerness to learn about assistive technology that can enable him to be independent.

Mr. Boykins began his assistive technology training at Mid-South ACT, and has trained on Dragon Naturally Speaking and ZoomText. He also began to prepare to train on a screenreader application - JAWS.

ACT Profiles of Success

ACT Profiles of Success


[Video about Angelieci]

Image of AngelieciAngelieci is a client Mid-South ACT. She has been diagnosed as legally blind due to proliferate retinopathy, neovascular glaucoma, and optic atrophy. Angelieci hopes to pursue a college education in the future, and her vision impairment requires accommodations. The accommodations that she is learning at Mid-South ACT are helping her to reach her goals.

Angelieci uses two assistive technology applications at Mid-South ACT. The first one is Talking Typer. This program helps her learn keyboard functions and improve her typing skills. The program orally pronounces the text that has been typed to reinforce the learning process. Another assistive technology program Angelieci uses is Zoom Text. This program magnifies text so that she sees it vividly.