Masters Practica and Agencies


Acuff, Susannah
Program Evaluation within a Community-Based Healthcare Financing Organization in Rural Southwestern Uganda

Bader, Mallory

Community Service in Museums: Utilizing Volunteerism and National Service to Rebuild Neighborhoods

Connolly, Karen

Earheart, Jennifer
Assessing Acculturative Stress among Latino High School Students in Memphis, TN & Determining the Service Needs of the Latino Population in Shelby County, TN

Ozanne, Gayle
Program Evaluation: North Hartford Community Kitchen Pilot Program

Petty, Theresa
Assessing Acculturative Stress among Latino High School Students in Memphis, TN & Determining the Service Needs of the Latino Population in Shelby County, TN

Ransom, April

Practicum with Research Services, Memphis VA Medical Center

Smith, LaKenya
Urban Anthropology & Museum Studies Historic Preservation: Engaging the Public through Informal Education and Photographic Exhibits


Baune, Kevin
Memphis Aerotropolis

Foster, Letoshia
Gender Issues in Health Care, Related to Alcohol and Drug Treatment Among Incarcerated Women

Goddard, Irene
Establishing an Educational Curriculum: Davies Manor Plantation

Harrison, Stephanie

Helt, Angela
"I do it for my community": Community-Based Volunteers and Health Promotion in a Faith-Based Health Clinic in the Dominican Republic

Keener, Megan
Chucalissa Plant Sanctuary

Marshall, August
Center for Research on Women (CROW) Needs Assessment and Gap Analysis: Teen Pregnancy and Parenting Success (TPPS)

McGee, Elizabeth
Oasis in the Food Desert: Community Building at the Memphis Farmers' Market

Meyer, Laura
Teen Pregnancy and Parenting Success Project

Ransom, April
Practicum with Research Services: Memphis VA Medical Center

Salehi, Susanne
Experiencing “Teenage Pregnancy and Parenting Success” in Memphis with The Center for Research on Women

Swistak, Alan
Learning Leadership Through Experiential Learning and Civic Engagement at Circles of Success Learning Academy


Anglin, Laura (Scout)
Community Perceptions of the Shelby Farms Greenline

Bogdewiecz, Sarah
Community-School Building in the Urban Mid South: Cooper-Young and Peabody Elementary

Brown, Meagan
An Evaluation of an HIV Education Program in Uganda

Burgin, Stacey
Changing What You Know:Diabetes Self-Management Program Efficacy, Christ Community Health Services in “Diabetes for Life” at Memphis, TN

Davis, Kellene
Southeast Memphis Community Development Corporation: A Look at a Foreclosure Mitigation Program

Gottier, Nicole
Memphis TGA Ryan White Part A Planning CouncilGap Analysis of Transportation Services for People Living with HIV/AIDS

Hennie, Allison

Jacob, Cecelia

James, Dustin
Evaluation and Legitimization: Reflections on the Evaluation of a HIV Education Program in Kampala, Uganda

Madjlesi, Amy (Ace)
The Madison Avenue Project

Marshall, Julia
Evaluation of the Community Voice Program

Maxwell, Whitney
Operation: Safe Community & The Memphis Youth Violence Prevention Plan

Pace, Meredith
Evaluation of Hamdardi Home-directed Hospice Care

Sanders, Amber
Evaluation of an African American Infant Mortality Intervention in Memphis, Tennessee

Santee, Amy
Practicum with the Urban Child Institute

Tate, Natalye
Analyzing Risk in Memphis: Domestic Violence Court Assessment and Resultant Policy Implications for Social Service Agencies


Gibbs, Samantha
Discovering Cultural Heritage: Incorporating Community History into a Prehistoric Museum

McKay, Virginia

Meek, Laura
Evaluation of the Community Voice Program in Memphis, TN

Pfromm, Julie
Strategically Playing the Game: A Practice Approach to the Construction of Female African American Adolescent Sexuality

Schaftlein, Amy

Smith, Jesseca
Community Voice Evaluation Team

Smith, Nicole
Outcome Evaluation of Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association’s Home Delivered Meals Practicum Report



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Jarrett, Patience (2009) Pregnancy Nutrition Website for Underserved Women (ALPHA MAXX Healthcare)


Kennedy, Sarah (2009) Working with the Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC)



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