Faculty Focus

Dr. Sabel

Dr. Sabel studies the effective use of various classroom learning scaffolds to support undergraduate students in learning biology. Her research group comprises both graduate and undergraduate students studying undergraduate biology education. Learn more about her research on her website: jaimelsabel.com

Dr. Shawn Brown

Dr. Brown's research focuses on cross-domain microbial ecology with specific attention paid to the mechanisms of community assembly. Cross-domain microbial ecology included the integration of all microbes (fungal, bacterial, archaeal, algal, and other microorganisms) into ecological studies. Microbes are incredibly important drivers of ecosystem processes and play very influential roles in driving macro-ecological patterns and interactions. Dr. Brown's research combines traditional ecological measures with Next-Generation sequencing (NGS) to elucidate host-microbe and microbe-microbe interactions. Here is the link to Dr. Brown's Faculty page for more info