Eligibility for a Department Scholarship


To be eligible to apply for any of the Department of Biological Sciences scholarships, students must have successfully completed General Biology I and II. In addition all students must be enrolled full-time with a declared major in the Department of Biological Sciences during the semesters in which they hold any of these scholarships.

Applications should be submitted online at the Tiger Scholarship Manager, accessible through your myMemphis portal.

Students must provide a complete application, including an undergraduate transcript and an essay describing your academic goals and career plans and explaining how this scholarship would assist in attaining these goals. Provide information on experiences and activities that you believe would be helpful to the scholarship committee as it considers your application. Examples might include work experience and volunteer activities.

Faculty recommendations are requested and submitted through Tiger Scholarship Manager. Please ensure that you have the correct e-mail address for the faculty members you are requesting to provide a recommendation on your behalf.