Behavioral Intervention Team

Be the difference.

It might start when you notice something small. Then you notice another incident. A threat towards another student. Getting enraged over something minor. Comments of self-loathing. The University of Memphis regularly monitors the care, welfare and safety of all of our students, faculty, and staff. We can't work, learn and live in an environment where we don't feel 100% safe. 

That's where the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) comes in. Our experienced team members address student behavioral concerns that are not living up to the University’s mission of providing a non-threatening environment where everyone feels safe and secure. BIT addresses critical student behavioral or mental health concerns through review of situations/incidents, information gathering and sharing, and providing recommendations to ensure the safety and educational success of the student. The BIT does not replace other classroom management or disciplinary processes nor does it address student behaviors that require immediate health, police or mental health attention.

The success of this process hinges on the University’s commitment to reporting concerns. So, we thank you for reviewing this site and doing your part to keep our college campus the best that it can be!