CAAS Staff 2019-2020

For general inquiries, please email caas@memphis.edu.

Fernandez West


Kristin D. Williams

Fernandez West   Kristin D. Williams
Associate Athletic Director, Academic Services   Assistant Athletic Director, Academic Services
901.678.3467   901.678.3466
pfwest@memphis.edu   khenke@memphis.edu
Assist with Athletic Certification, APR, GSR,
Football Admissions/Initial Eligibility,
CAAS Research/Reports,
Former Student-Athletes
  Initial Eligibility, UM Admissions, Men's Basketball,
Intern/G.A. Recruitment, ACAD 1100

Lauren Hillman


Elijah Crandall

Lauren Hillman   Elijah Crandall
Assistant Director   Athletic Academic Counselor
901.678.4467   901.678.3982
lhillman@memphis.edu   crndall2@memphis.edu
Football - Offense/Special Teams, ACAD 1100,
Football Admissions/Initial Eligibility

Kimi Jennings


Lauren Lesser

Kimi Videto   Lauren Lesser
Athletic Academic Counselor
  Athletic Academic Counselor
901.678.5586   901.678.3309
k.videto@memphis.edu   llesser@memphis.edu
Men & Women's Track & Field & Cross Country,
Women's Soccer, ACAD 1100
  Baseball, Women's Tennis, Volleyball,
Mixed Rifle, Men's/Women's Golf, ACAD 1100

Tiphany Booker Robertson


Katrinia Martinez

Tiphany Booker Robertson   Katrinia Martinez
Administrative Associate
  Athletic Academic Counselor
901.678.2918   901.678.2447
tabooker@memphis.edu   kmrtnez7@memphis.edu
CAAS Facility & Supply Needs,
Fiscal Management, Special Projects,
CAAS Events, HR and Administrative Liaison
  Women's Basketball, Softball, Men's Soccer, CAAS
Tutoring Program

Jessica Thomas


Katie Woodruff

Jessica Thomas   Katie Woodruff
Learning Specialist   PAWS Coordinator/Athletic Academic Counselor
901.678.3064   901.678.2738
jmthmas7@memphis.edu   krwdruff@memphis.edu
Mentor Coordinator, Assessments/Testing,
DRS Liaison, Men's Tennis
  Student-Athlete Personal/Career Development,
UNIV 3740, ACAD 1100