We are Campus School.


Our Mission

Campus School, in affiliation with the University of Memphis, is dedicated to the development and demonstration of exemplary programs from kindergarten through fifth grade.  In fulfillment of its mission, the school has as its goals:

  • Provide best practices in elementary education instruction
  • Model innovative educational designs
  • Serve as a laboratory for educational redesign and research
  • Offer clinical teaching experiences and mentoring for pre-service teachers

Our Vision

Collaboration, Campus School is in the top 5% of Tennessee Public Schools
Excellence in Teaching, 
Enthusiasm for Learning, 

Campus School is a laboratory school which promotes excellence in teaching and enthusiasm for learning. Through integration of research into an innovative curriculum, the school can offer its best to aspiring teachers and to the urban community it serves. A diverse school population allows for valuable relationships and collaborations -- educational, cultural, social, and personal -- among the stakeholders who are involved. Teachers, students, and parents working together can maximize outcomes to the benefit of all involved.  

For students to function productively in society, education should provide opportunities for them to be curious and creative; to exercise initiative; to handle responsibilities; to test ideas; to establish opinions about controversial matters; and to develop aesthetic values.

At Campus School we incorporate these opportunities into the school experience each day. Our students will meet high academic expectations because their learning is enhanced by best practices offered by dedicated and capable teachers. The teaching and learning atmosphere of the school will prepare students for their eventual place in the larger world.

Campus School holds a 2019 Blue Ribbon Designation and a 2021 Tennessee STEM School Designation.

Blue Ribbon Designation                                       TN STEM