Acting Right: Gaston Community Center

Acting Right at Gaston

The Acting Right program uses drama as a classroom management strategy. The program uses the foundational elements of acting-concentration, cooperation, and collbroation-through a structured process that is the basis for effective classroom management. The approach empowers students to take ownership of and be responsible for their own behavior.

There are four cornerstone activities for Acting Right:

  • The Actor's Toolbox
    Students use their bodies to show that they agree to use and control the five "tools" in the Actor's Toolbox: body, voice, imagination, concentration, and cooperation.
  • The Concentration Circle
    Students build their capacity to focus and concentrate in this game that has five levels of difficulty.
  • The Cooperation Challenge
    This fast-paced activity challenges students to form various groups in a matter of seconds. Cooperation is key. 
  • One-Minute Challenges
    Students work in small groups to physically demonstrate a word or concept. They only have one minue. This requires the use of all skills they have been building.