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Men Healing Men

Men Healing Men and Communities Network (MHMCN)
"A Community-based, Wellness Informed, Culturally Appropriate Response to Trauma"

 Men Healing Men Strategic Plan Click Here

Current collaborative project aimed towards establishing a Men's Health Network for Men.


We are African American Men committed to healing and empowering our youth, families, and communities. We work together to build and empower healthy communities, prevent violence, and to reduce and ultimately eliminate trauma among our youth, families, and communities.


We understand that violence and trauma are chronic conditions that can be successfully prevented and treated. Our vision is healthy communities--thriving, safe, and secure.


 A Comprehensive Insight on Men Healing Men and Communities Network
Jerry Watson, Gregory Washington, Lamont D Simmons, and Hanif Akinyemi
1Department of Social Work, Office of Public Relations, Rust College, USA
2Department of Social Work, University of Memphis, USA
3Department of Social Work, Salem State University, USA
4Department of Social Work, Restoration of Pride, Inc., USA

Meeting notes and  Healthy Male Support Draft: Please contact cpetrsn2@memphis.edu

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