Empowerment Evaluation

CAYD consultants utilize empowerment evaluation approaches for improving the quality of services and to build evidence of program effectiveness.

Evaluation planning improves the quality of youth services and enhances funding proposals yet many programs are not properly evaluated beyond success stories of a few youth. CAYD Consultants utilize empowerment evaluation approaches to improve the quality of services and to build evidence of program effectiveness. We provide process (formative) and outcome (summative) evaluation planning for your intervention. Our strategy is to work collaboratively early in the intervention design process to figure out the intended outcomes of an intervention and necessary resources to foster those outcomes. Participants in our evaluation workshops will improve their efficacy with evaluation methods so they can develop their own evaluation plans. The goal of our evaluation consultation is to build the evaluation capacity of community based programs thus improving the quality of youth services and effectiveness of interventions.

The Principles of Empowerment Evaluation

(Adapted from Fetterman, D.M. & Wandersman, A. (2005) Empowerment Evaluation: Principles in Practice, Guilford Press)

  • Improvement
  • Community Ownership
  • Inclusion
  • Democratic Participation
  • Social Justice
  • Community Knowledge
  • Evidenced Based Strategies
  • Capacity Building
  • Organizational Learning
  • Accountability
  • Multi-Cultural Knowledge
  • Socio-Historical Understanding
  • Self Knowledge and Introspection