The CCCR Program

National public opinion polls consistently show that crime is viewed as one of the most serious problems plaguing society.

Although Tennessee does not lead the country in high crime and delinquency rates, there are pockets of major concern in the western section of the state.  While this does not bode well, it does mean that Tennessee must continue to examine the various social, institutional and criminogenic factors that lead to high rates of crime and delinquency.

There is no single approach to crime reduction, but rather there must be a multifaceted approach involving criminologists,other social scientists, practitioners, policy makers, legislators as well as the community at large. This is not an easy task. The efforts must be coordinated, objective and involve best practices grounded and supported by research.

To that end, the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Memphis established an on campus community resource site at Lambuth. This site will be for research, education and training of criminal justice professionals including judges, attorneys, policy makers, law enforcement officers, correctional officers, and citizens. In other words, those interested in achieving a reduction in crime and delinquency.