Refund Policy

In a perfect world, every Event that The Center for Community Criminology and Research schedules will proceed, and every person who registers as a participant will attend. However, as we all live in the real world, the following policies will guide our collective expectations when things do not go to plan.

In the unlikely event that the Workshop/Seminar/Conference is cancelled, all confirmed participants will be notified immediately via email and receive a full refund. If a participant chooses to cancel their confirmed registration, or cannot or does not attend the Event the following refund policy will apply:

1. The registered participant may invite another person to substitute their place in the Event at any time at no charge;

2. If cancelation notice is received 15 or less days from the scheduled Event, no refund will be offered;

3. If cancelation notice is received 15 or more days from the scheduled Event, 50% refund will be offered.