Ensure your academic success!

Part of a dynamic collaborative campus environment, CCFA values the role advisors play in the lives of our students. In addition to academic counseling, our advisors are also a great resource for students considering study abroad programs, looking for internship opportunities or wanting to apply for scholarships. Your advisor will help you integrate these options into your academic career so they become a valuable part of your collegiate experience.

We want our students to succeed and your advisor can help you with your college career. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to make appropriate academic choices and take advantage of all the opportunities and resources we have to offer.

Helping students find what clicks.

When you find the academic path that clicks with you, it is a beautiful thing. Sure, there will be demanding schedules and rigorous classes along the way, but studying what you love is worth it. Here in academic advising it is all about discovering your strengths, your interests, and your passions. We will help you develop your intellectual and personal goals to enhance your academic performance, and to ensure progress toward graduation. Here's the plan:

  • Choosing, clarifying, planning and achieving student life goals.
  • Exploring academic options so that students can make meaningful short- and long-term decisions.
  • Identifying a major program to achieve educational, career, and life goals.
  • Selecting courses that integrate educational and personal goals.
  • Assuming responsibility for current information about University degree requirements, including general education, academic policies, practices, programs and support services.

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Advising Reminders

  • You will meet with your advisor each semester to prepare for the next one.
  • Schedule your appointment early to make sure you meet with your advisor before registration.
  • Prepare for your appointment so all your questions can be answered and your meeting will go well.

Find your academic advisors

Department of Architecture: Jennifer Barker (jlbrker1@memphis.edu)

Department of Art Main Office: 901-678-2216

Department of Communication and Film Main Office: 901-678-2565

Department of Journalism and Strategic Media: 901-678-5284, or contact Teri Hayslett, administrative assistant, email: tdhsltt@memphis.edu

Department of Theatre & Dance

  • Auditioned and accepted students: 901-678-2523
  • Not auditioned and officially accepted students: 901-678-2350
  • Brandon Hayes, administrative secretary, email: bhayes6@memphis.edu

The Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music:

  • Auditioned and officially accepted students: 901-678-2541
  • Not auditioned and not officially accepted students: 901-678-2350

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