Apply to Graduate

Two semesters before graduation, meet with Laurie Snyder, CCFA advisor, to complete graduation plan.

A semester before graduation, meet with Terrell Stanford-Bush, graduation analyst, to complete intent to graduate form. Schedule your appointment by calling (901) 678-2350. This meeting is MANDATORY for CCFA majors. The Graduation Analyst will meet with you to make sure that you have met all degree requirements, and will let you know which requirements still need to be fulfilled. If you do not have this meeting by the specified deadlines, you will NOT graduate.

Note: Before meeting with the graduation analyst:

  • Login to my.memphis.edu.
  • Click on My Degree tab.
  • Complete step 2 — Apply to Graduate.
  • Complete step 3 — Diploma/Cap and Gown Mailing Order Form.

If you are planning to participate in commencement, go to the Commencement page to see the steps necessary for inclusion in the program and receiving your diploma.


If you do not receive your diploma

  • You might have an outstanding balance with the bursar
  • Your GPA might be under 2.0
  • You might not have passed a required course
  • Transfer grades might not have been received before certification deadlines
  • You might not have reached the required 120 hours to graduate
  • You might not have completed the 42 upper division hours to graduate


  • You need 120 hours to graduate of which 42 must be upper division hours
  • Make sure your intent to graduate form is returned to the graduation analyst.
  • Your final semester, you must successfully complete all classes.
  • If you are taking transfer courses in your final semester, make sure all grades are received by the UofM and posted to your transcript by the week after grades become official.  
  • Consult with your Graduation Analyst if problems arise
  • Keep current on academic requirements, policies, and procedures.
  • Tell your Graduation Analyst of any changes in your academic status, such as change of major, withdrawals and incompletes.