Ensure your academic success!

  • Go to class! This is one of the most important things you can do to ensure academic success.
  • Turn off all electronic devices during class (phones, iPods, etc.).
  • Take notes. Tip: Type them up!
  • Get to know your classmates. They make great study partners.
  • Ask questions.
  • Read the syllabus. Pay attention to dates and deadlines.
  • Make sure the instructor knows who you are for all the right reasons.
  • Meet with your instructor after class and go over class material.
  • Purchase books for the class.
  • Study 3 hours for each hour you are in class. Be prepared for class. Complete all outside assignments.
  • Budget your time to include class, study, work, downtime and sleep.
  • When the instructor is talking, you shouldn't be.
  • Be familiar with the catalogue under which you are graduating.
  • Do an internship and/or study abroad to enhance your scholastic experience!
  • Don't struggle in silence! Be aware there are resources on campus to help you.